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Research #1:  Etiquette & Safety

Only two people per topic:
  • Cyber Safety (AS, KW )
  • Netiquette & Safety (JL DJ )
  • Cell phone etiquette Safety (OC, BR )
  • Texting etiquette Safety (KM NR )
  • Social networking etiquette Safety (RB , RM)
    • includes Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc
  • Laptop (and mobile devices) etiquette Safety (DB, WC  )
  • Passwords Security Protect your privacy ( )
    • how to make them secure
    • how to remember them
      • password managers
      • easy to remember, hard to guess
    • how are passwords hacked
    • auto save passwords and form fill
  • Digital Footprint  (SM, LG)
    • create a positive footprint
    • how long does it last
    • why does it matter tomorrow?
PART 1 -- create a series of web pages about your topic
What is it?
Do's and Don'ts
Examples of situations where poor judgement was used
Using classmarker, create an online quiz with between 5 to 7 questions. Add this quiz to your research web "page"
+ create an educational account at classmarker

PART 2 -- Create an Info graphic.
What most people do not know
Top Ten Rules to follow

Research #2:  New Technologies -- hardware

What is considered new? 
a technology that is not yet available in the marketplace or has been in the market for less than one year
this technology may or may not be successful in the market place (if and when it is available)
Name of the company and the background of the company. Is the company a private company or a public company? 
If the company is public, which stock exchange is the stock traded. What is its trading symbol? Current price, Is there a price trend for this company? 
If the company is private, is there any information about the company backing?
Who is the target market?
Link to the company website. Link to reviews of the product and YouTube videos.
Is there any competition / similar technology? Who is the competition? Add a link to the competition's webpage and compare products.
Why/how will this technology change our current technology? Will these changes be positive or negative, why?

Acceptable Examples: The Myo ,The Yellowjacket Case
Unacceptable Examples: the PS4, Apple Air ;both of these products are updated version of a current product, so they are not new, just updated.
No duplicates -- you can not use the same technology as your classmates
Add your choice to this document

Research #3: New Technologies -- Software

Cloud Computing (Web 2.0 Apps)
iPad / Play Apps

Research #4:  Health/Environmental Issues