Fix This - What will we be wearing

Make a Copy the "BTTfixThis - What will we be wearing" file

This is a  pdf copy of the final document.  The conversion to the pdf format changed some of the white spacing and the font size in the footer. Just follow the instructions above and it should be fine.

Use Find and Replace to fix the document
th's have been replaced with *
e's have been replaced with z

Set top and bottom Margins in the Page Setup ... to 0.75"

Page breaks have been used to start each new page

Add the images to your document
The images can be found in this Google doc
The images will need to be re-sized and set to fixed position

Add the page number and number of pages in the footer
centered and font size changed to 8

Italicize as required

Change fonts as required. The following fonts and sizes are used in the document
Syncopate - size 18pt
Times New Roman - size 11pt
Corsiva - size 14pt (also Italics and bold)
Arial - size 11pt

The tables in this document that have Table Properties ... set to:
Minimum height of 1"
Cell vertical alignment- center
Table boarder 2.25pt