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FixThis-Wired Clear Web History

These instructions are to be completed in open office.
You can find the solution the the shared Google collection

Find and Replace:
    google should be Google

NO TABLES are used in this document

Fonts Used: Bertram LET, Arial, Times New Roman
The Bertram LET font is not on the classroom computers, use a similar font.
Font Sizes: 8, 12, 18, 24

Page Margins
    Top: 0.25"
    left, right:  0.75"
    bottom: 0.5"

Add a Header
    Fields are used to insert the page number and the number of pages.

    You will need to crate a section so you can have two columns of text

The first paragraphs of each new section start with a Drop Capital, using 2 lines.
You will need to Edit Paragraphs Styles of some of the paragraphs to get the background of the paragraph to change.
Text in the columns are Justified
Some paragraphs have had 0.05pt. boarders added to them

Images (aka Pictures)
    some pictures have Page Wrap turned on, other have no wrap

The document contain these links: