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Cht-X0 Charts in Documents

Google Docs

Google Support shows two methods of placing a Google chart into a Google Document
  1. Copy and Paste method:
    + fewer steps
    + no need to save an image to your computer
  2. Adding Chart Images: 
    + once the image is saved onto the computer, it  can be manipulated to add other appropriate images to the chart 

Open Office:

In Open Office there are many different ways of placing a chart into a writer document
  1. Saving the chart as an image, then inserting the image.  Just like #2 from Google Docs above.
  2. Insert | Object | Chart ...
    Allows to create a chart right in the writer document. The specific data must be changed to required data.
  3. Insert | Object | OLE Object ... |
    At this point there is the option to create a new chart OR one from a file.
    If a chart is created from a file, there is an option to link the chart to the file. This way as the data in the spreadsheet changes, so does the data in the writer document.