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Cht4 - Climograph

Mixed Line and Bar Graph -- Google calls this a Combo chart -- with two vertical axis with different scales

Enter the data below into a Google Spreadsheet
Select all the data in the range A3 to M6
Insert a Chart
    Select the Combo chart
    you may need to switch the rows and columns
    Use column A as headers

Please note: the graph starts to look worse before it starts to look better!

    Add titles, Legends, etc. as required.
        Horizontal Axis
            add the title
        Left Vertical
            add the title   
            set Min to 0 and Max to 400
            Gridlines: 9
    Data Series:
        Temp C
            Type:  Line
            Axis: Right
            Point Size: 7px        
            Type: Columns
        Growing Season
            Axis: Right
        Right Vertical 
            add title
            set min to -40 and max to 40
            Gridlines: 9
   Adjust the colours of the lines and columns as required.