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Cht1-Facebook Stats

Enter this data in a Google Spreadsheet

Simple Pie Chart

In the spreadsheet you have just created, Use the age and Total Users columns only, insert this chart in your spreadsheet
change the chart type to 3D 
Customize the chart:
    add the Title
    Set the Legend to Labeled
    remove the data from the Slice

Bar Chart

Using the same spreadsheet, insert a second chart.
NOTE: you can move each chart on its own sheet.

Add the Title
Horizontal and Left Vertical titles
change the color of the bars

Chart 3 -Stacked Bar

This time you will need to select your data differently
  1. select the age data only,including the word Age.
  2. From the Start Tab:
    1. click on Select range ...
    2. click on Add another range
    3. select the Male and Female data, including the words, Male and Female
    4. Press OK
    5. you may need to use a row as headers
  3. From the Charts Tab:
    1. select the Stacked Bar graph
  4. Use Customize to add the Title