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Google: Fusion Tables - Exeter Finance

Import the data file into a Fusion Table.
Add two calculated fields:  Installment Price and Carrying Charges 
Installment Price: The Installment Price can be determined by multiplying the monthly payments by the Number of Monthly Payments and adding in the Down Payment

Carrying Charges: The Carrying charges can be determined by subtracting the cash price from the installment price.

  1. All approved monthly payments between $50 and $100 
  2. All loans that have a down payment of less than $100 or $300 and more 
  3. All electronics and appliance loans 
  4. All loans, except electronics, with an installment price of over $500 
  5. any loan that do not make (Carrying Charges) more than $100

M. A. Vandepoele,
4 Jun 2014, 18:47