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Google: Fusion Tables - Toys


Import the Toys data file

Download the file (DB 4 Toys Import File - Data.csv) attached to this page.

The file looks like:
Supplier,Buyer,Description,Order Qty,On Hand,Cost,Brand,Order Date
Fun Factory,A. Hayes,Model Cessna,50,7,$8.99,Flying Fun,"July 2, 2014" 
Fun Factory,A. Hayes,Model Satellite,65,12,$5.50,Flying Fun,"June 5, 2014" 
Fun Factory,A. Hayes,Fortran Learner,50,32,$3.99,Computer Fun,"July 3, 2014"

Create a new Fusion Table by importing the .csv file from your computer.

Add Calculated Fields

After you have imported the data into the database program, add the required calculated fields:
  • value of inventory on hand
    • On Hand * Cost
  • Qty to Order
    • if('On Hand' < 10, 'Order Qty',0)

Perform Queries

  1. All A. Hayes purchases in July
  2. All toys with a quantity on hand of over 30 and a unit cost of less than $5.00
  3. All toys purchased from Toy Barn with a unit price between $4.99 and $16.00
  4. All toys not purchased by J. Mathers or not supplied by Toy Barn or over $8.00
Create a report that shows the value of inventory on hand by supplier and Brand, include a subtotal for each supplier, each Brand and an overall total.
M. A. Vandepoele,
4 Jun 2014, 18:09