Adobe: Flash

Create a new Flash File (ActionScript 2.0)
Sky - Ground - Sun - Cloud

Saving ...
When you save, two files are created .fla and a .swf file 
.fla is the flash file that you create and edit
.swf is the file that can be played on its own

Creating each object on a new layer will give you more control of the objects.
Rename your layer to describe its contents
You can group your layers together

How many Frame do you need?
There are 24 frames required to make a 1 second video.
Therefore, a 30 second video requires 720 frames

Time Line
Tool Box 
Key Frame
Motion Tween
Color Tween
Shape Tween
Convert to Symbol

 Short Cut Keys Function
 Enter Play movie on the stage
 Ctrl Enter Show Movie
 F12 Show movie in a browser
 F11 Open/Close the Library Window         
 F5     New Frame
 F6 New Key Frame
 Ctrl + Z undo

What you should be able to do:
  • create library objects
  • movie clip library objects
  • use multiple layers
  • create motion tweens
  • use multiple scenes
  • the 3D tool
  • the Transform Tool
  • Various Shape and drawing tools
  • re-arrange scenes.  Window|Other Panels|Scene

General helpful rules to follow:

1. Make every object you can a symbol in the library.
2. Rename your layers to describe the contents  (to rename, double click on the layer name)
3. if you add an object to a layer, you can easily convert it to a symbol in the library.
4. Place each object you need to move on it's own layer.



  1. Holding the shift key down while using the rectangle tool will cause the tool to create a perfect square.
  2. Holding the shift key down while using the oval tool will cause the tool to create a perfect circle.


Convert to a Symbol

  1. Right click on the object
  2. select Convert to Symbol


To Create a Tween:

It is easiest to manage, if you place each object you need to tween on its own layer
  1. click on the first frame of the layer
  2. right click | Create Motion tween
  3. click on the last frame, now move the symbol to the final position


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