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Sea to Land Adventure

Scene 1

  • includes the name of the adventure

  • introduces the star

  1. in Frame 1, add the words, “in the deep deep sea ” and include an underwater picture

  2. insert a blank keyframe (F6 button) onto the timeline in Frame 36

  3. view the story using the ENTER key

  4. Add, “there lived a “sea creature” that longed for adventure” onto the blank keyframe (36)

  5. below the words, create a library object for your sea creature.
    If you forget to create your sea creature in the library, no problem – when you're done drawing it, right click on the sea creature alien and click on “convert to symbol” and when the menu pops up click on “graphic” - this puts this image in the library – you will see the sea creature in the menu on the side called library. If the library can't be seen on the side of your screen, click on WINDOW at the top and make sure LIBRARY is selected – you can now drag this alien out later when you need him. Delete the alien from the stage

  6. insert another blank keyframe in Frame 72

  7. add, “He decided to leave the deep deep sea in search of adventure” onto the blank keyframe (72)

  8. copy an image from frame 1 on the the blank keyframe using “Paste in Place” in the EDIT menu

  9. edit the story by adding or removing frames

  10. save the flash document

  11. When you are finished, go to INSERT and select SCENE. You will notice you have a completely new set of layers to work with. It's time to start putting together your story

Scene 2

On your second scene you are going to be making the sea-scape that this particular sea creature lives in! Add the following:

  1. sea life, coral, plants etc. the environment your sea creature lives in

  2. animals which may live on this particular sea location

  3. You should make sure that you are telling the story of the sea creature as we go along. For example, you could have the screen tell the person watching “The sea creature lived in the sea city of _______________ and here are the things that lived there” and then create a key frame and start making new animals and plants and give them names. You are going to be creating this story for the next few days so it's important that you start to use your creativity to make a really interesting cartoon!

Scene 3

Your alien has been introduced as well as his world, but now it's time to leave this place and head off for some adventure! Here's the order of things:

  • your alien must find his sea craft. Does he own it? Is he going to “borrow” it? You decide. You need to make sure that you are constantly using your text to tell the story.

  • Once he finds his spacecraft he needs to get into it and take off leaving his sea city and travel into the open sea

  • once in open sea , what does he see? What does he go around/through/over/under etc.

In this scene you MUST use a shape tween at least once. It doesn't matter how you do it or what you do but it needs to be in there. You are quite good at motion tweens already, so let's add something new to the movie

Scene 4

Your alien has been flying through the open sea for what feels like forever! He/She/It finally sees land. Here's what happens:

  • you need to create a NEW world. This one has to be very different from the old one. I mean what's the point of adventure if you just go to the same looking place as before. But here's where things get strange.... your venture on to land!

  • Go to Google and start finding pictures of Earth and cities and fields etc. You are now going to import those images into your library and you are going to now animate photos instead of drawing things from scratch! What does your alien think of land? Does he/she/it fit in or do they get into some trouble while they are there? This is going to be one of your longest scenes because this is where the adventure truly takes place!

  • Of course in order to truly appreciate an epic story you definitely need some epic music! 

Scene 5

Your sea creature has had a chance to see what life on land is all about but has decided either because he/she/it is lonely for their home or they have had a bad experience and have just decided that home is where the heart is. Here's the order of things:

  • your sea creature has decided that he/she/it wants to go home so it's time to get back into the seacraft or go find themselves another mode of transportation

  • Once he finds his seacraft he needs to get into it and take off leaving land Earth and heading back to the deep deep sea.

  • what happens to him/her/it on the way home? Do they encounter any other problems? Do they see anything else? Has their home changed?

Scene 6

HOME! Your alien has finally reached his home sea city again. What happens when they arrive? Do they get reunited? Do they have to apologize for “borrowing” the seacraft? Do they have a special pet that missed them? Has their home changed? Finish your movie strong. Happy endings are great for the soul.

Closing Scene

Closing credits, song credits, perhaps a tag line to imply a sequel.

If you finish your adventure, go back through it and make sure it's the best it can possibly be. This is going to be your mark for your Flash Unit and starting next week we will be going onto something new.