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SS9 Golf

Golf Tournament
You have been appointed chief scorer for the annual golf tournament of the Exeter Chamber of Commerce.  This tournament has been growing in popularity and attracting a great amount of publicity.  Because of television coverage, it has become necessary to make golf scores, comparisons to pars, and other statistics immediately available to the television commentators.  

PAR means the number of strokes that an expert will take to finish the course.  On this course, par is 70 strokes.

1. You have decided to create a spreadsheet format to solve this problem.  Set up your spreadsheet with the following column headings:  GOLFER, ROUND 1, ROUND 2, ROUND 3, TOTAL,  COMPARISON TO PAR(+/-).

2. Enter the following data from the Mixed Overall competition:

Andy Brown         67 72 69
Fiona Jones         69 70 71
Fritz Nicklaus         67 68 66
Jane Palmer         70 70 70
Lena Trevino         68 66 67
Dan Hogan         72 73 74
Peter Rodriquez 75 69 68
Young Sun Kim 71 72 67
Mark Weiskoff     66 65 69
Leslie Watson         65 64 69
Barb Beard         68 71 73

3. Use formulas to find the average, the maximum, and the minimum scores for each round of golf.  Add an appropriate label for each of these rows. Also include a count of the number of player in the tournament.  

Note: To find the maximum, minimum and average, use the formula called MAX, MIN, AVGERAGE and COUNT.  These functions work the same as SUM.

4. At the bottom of the spreadsheet, add a summary section that will display the Best and Worst golf scores of the three rounds of golf

5. For each golfer use formulas to find the total score for the three rounds and the Comparison to PAR (+/-) for the tournament.

6. Determine whose is the winner of the tournament and Format the winners' name and score with Bold Italics.

7. Print this with a title in the Header and your name in the Footer.  
Hint: When you print you will need to make changes to the Page Setup...

New Concepts:
If Statement - read the file called Note - If

8. Modify your spreadsheet and using the If( , , ) add a column to display the word EVEN if the golfer is even with PAR.

9. Modify your spreadsheet.  Use a nested  =If( , , ) statements to the newest column so that it  will display the word OVER, UNDER or EVEN as required.  You will also need to adjust the +/- PAR column so that the zeros do not show and all other numbers are positive.  You will need to use the IF function and the ABS function in one statement.