Internet and Web page Terms

website: a set of pages on a server, to be viewed by a visitor to the site using a web browser.*

remote site: the files on the server that make up a website, from your (the author’s) point of view rather than a visitor’s point of view.*

local site: the files on your local disk that correspond to the files in the remote site. You edit the files on your local disk, then upload them to the remote site.*

*Excerpts from Macromedia Help

Html – Hyper Text Markup Language
The document format that is used on the world wide web

LAN – Local Area Network
A computer network that covers that spans a relatively small area. Usually within one building.

WAN – Wide Area Network
A computer network that covers a large geographical area.  The Internet is the largest WAN.  

The all the computers in this school is part of the LAN within our school, the school board’s WAN and can access the Internet

There is a firewall between the Internet and the WAN to help protect our computers from hackers and viruses that can be found on the Internet.

FTP – File Transfer Protocol
A standard method for sending files from one computer to another on TCP/IP networks such as the Internet

TCP/IP – Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
A group of protocols (or rules) that specify how computers communicate over the Internet.