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How well do you know Google?

Create a Search Tips Page
On your Google Site, create a Google Search Tips page. 
Put the results of your Google Quiz on the your tips page.
Add hints and tips that can be used to narrow your search results. Examples that you may have on your page are the special search characters and special search words.

Special Search Characters:
 SymbolMeaning Example    
 "   " search for the exact phrase in the quotes "google search quiz"
 ~ Results for synonyms ~bear
 - exclude these terms bear -"polar bear"

 | OR snake | frog

Special Search Words
 WordMeaning Example    
ORsame as the | symbolsnake OR frog
site:sill search a specific domain (site) search operators
 file: search for a specific file type file:pdf google quiz

What matters in a Google Query?
 1Every word matters
try searching for [who] , [the who] and [a who]
 2Order matters
try searching for [blue sky] and [sky blue]
 3Capitalization does NOT matter
 4punctuation does NOT matter
try searching for [red, delicious% apple&] and [red delicious apple]
 there  are some exceptions

This is a Google search cheat sheet


User you new found Google search skills to find:

Focus your search
  • Search by Date
    • find out how you can narrow your search by date
    • by a range of dates
  • Searches are not limited to webpages, images can be search
    • by Color
      • try searching for  a red and black panther
    • other image search tools include 
      • by size
      • time
      • type
      • usage rights
      • more
  • What is a Google ngram?
    • use the search
  • What is Google Trends?
    • using Google Trend search for
      • snowblower
      • hockey
      • olympics
    • explain why these trends exist