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Google: Unusual Surprises

There are many other Google Search Features, the following are just a few:

Google as a Calculator

Use the Google omni box as a calculator
All mathematical symbols (I have tried) work, and proper order of operations rules are followed
+-*/ sin(), cos() tan() pi e 


Google as a Unit Conversion

Need to convert cm to feet?
    TRY: 30 cm to inches

Covert temperature
    TRY: 24 degrees celsius to fahrenheit

Covert liter per 100km to MPG
    TRY: 10 l per 100km to mpg

Google to find a Movie

Need to find what movies are playing near you?
        movies postalCode
        movies London Ontario

Google for fun

Search for each of the following terms or phrases:
In Google
  • askew
  • do a barrel roll
In YouTube:
  • use the force luke
  • beam me up scotty
There are many other hidden fun feature like these in Google Search and other Google products.
This Video contains 17 of the best. Some of these feature will only work in Google if you use the I'm Feeling Lucking button. You also may need to use  and not .