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Other Search Engines

Google is the most popular search engine currently on the web. However, there are many other popular search engines. 
How do search engines differ:
  • Web Crawler Search Engines: Use spiders or bots to travel to each page and gather key words the on the page and adds it to its database. The database is than searched.
  • Meta Search Engines: search engines that search search engines for results. These search engines search indices and directories of other search engines for their  results.
  • Directory Search Engines: human created directories of web content
  • Hybrid Search Engines: a combination of both crawler search and directory search engines.
  • Question Answering Engines: search by asking a question in natural language

Web Page Assignment

Create a series of web pages to include for the two parts of this assignment:

Part 1 Other General Search Engines

Use your search skills to find at least 5 sites that list the most popular search engines.
  • Link to these lists you have found.
  • Choose five search engines form the most popular search engines pages
    • create a page for each outlining the features that they have that Google does not.   

Part 2 Specialty Search Engines

Some search engines are used to search specific types of content or specific databases.
For example: 
  • freeware and open source software,
  • shopping sites, 
  • academic sources
  • medical publications
  • connectivity searches -- what sites link a given site.  
For some of these sites you need to pay for their service, or need to belong to a specific profession. Often these search engines are used by professionals and academics.

Find at least Five subject specific search engines. Each of these engines need to be different types of subjects. Create a page for each of these subject specific search engines. Describe their subject area and an example on who might want to uses these types of search engines.