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QR Poster Project

SEE Mister V with the content you would like to do BEFORE you start!

    Create a colour poster to advertise our wireless connections in the school.

    Students and teacher at SHDHS

  1. Logging in
    1. userid
    2. password
    3. changing password
  2. Use wisely
    1. 60% YouTube, music and videos
    2. possible restrictions
  3. Where are the locations
  4. Connections 50 per access point AP
    1. what is a connection - and cell phone, iPad, iPod etc. on and in the location of an AP using the or not
  5. Getting Data from QR Codes
  6. Other ?
Design elements
  • include QR codes
  • content from one of the above areas
  • Size: 8.5" by 11"