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Video Project

Video Web 2.0 Apps

There are a number of free Video editing Web 2.0 applications available. Here are three:

If you know of a different web2.0 video editing app, let me know and you maybe able to use it also.

You may also choose a Timeline presentation style app

Sandbox Time

Time to play, play with some of the above apps. choose the one you like the best to create you project. You will need to include reasons you choose the app you used.

The Video Project

Create video project using one of the above Web 2.0 Apps of length of at least 30 seconds.  Some of these apps have a limit of 30 seconds for the free version. 

Link or Embed your video on your Google site.
Include why reason you choose the app over the over available apps.

You may think it would be the easy way out to choose the app that only allows a length of 30 seconds, but is actually harder to create a shorter video covering a topic than a longer version.


Choose one of these web2.0 apps to create a video on ONE of the following topics: