Assignment: Robot

Create this Robot in Adobe Illustrator (CS6)

Summary of Concepts

Offset Path:
  • Object>Path>Offset Path ...
Object Alignment
  • Window>Align
  • also available in the top tool bar

Object Arrangement
  • Object>Arrange>
  • right click>Arrange
Path Finder
  • Window>Path Finder
Blend Options
  • Object>Blend>Make
Reflect Objects
  • Object>Transform>Reflect...
  • right click>Transform>Reflect...
Short Cut Keys
Ctrl C Copy
Ctrl V  Paste 
Ctrl F Paste in Front
Ctrl U Smart Guides
Ctrl Y Outline Mode
Ctrl =Zoom in 
Ctrl - Zoom out 
Ctrl 0Zoom fit window 

Other Key Combinations
<Alt> <Shift> re-size object
scale object
maintains the aspect ratio of the object being re-sized (scaled)