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Google Tabs

  • Before you begin, you may need to change the units of measure from cm to inches.
      • on the Google docs main page
  • find the settings button
  • Change the Language setting to English(US)
  • If you have already created the document, you may need to start a new doc to see the change to inches.

  • To add a tab stop in Google Docs, right click the ruler and choose the tab type required.

Exercise #1 -- Weekly Sales Report

Center the title "Weekly Sales Report"
Skip two lines
set tabs as per the image below 
enter the titles for each column, press the tab key between each word

skip one line and add the tabs as per the image below
enter the data, press the tab key as required.

Notice how two different sets of tabs are needed to correctly format this data.

Exercise #2 -- Your Time Table

Do your time tables using tabs instead of a table.
Add an title appropriate title centered on the page
You will need to decide your own tab stops
Similar to the image below

Exercise #3 -- My Tab Set

  • Create a table of data using tabs
  • The data can be of your own choosing
  • You need to involve all three type of tabs available in Google Docs
  • You need to have at least two different sets of tabs, similar to the Exercise #1 above