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Add Flash .SWF

Add a Flash file as a movie:
  1. In Flash export the file as a video file (.avi will work)
  2. Upload the .avi file to your Google drive
  3. While editing your page in Google Sites Insert>Drive> click on your movie
  4. Be patient, Google has some work to do to the file

OR add a .swf:
  1. Upload your .swf file to your Google site.
    1. More 
    2. Manage Site
    3. Attachments | Upload
      You will need to note the file location
  2. Create your new page
    1. Select <HTML> from the tool bar
    2. Copy and paste the following code on to the HTML code window

      <embed xmlns=""  pluginspage="" src="" width="540" height="600"  />

    3. you will need to edit the code to match the names of your site and file
    4. you may need to change the height and widths also
The above code is used on this page

Note:  This solution was orginally found at FlashPerfection

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