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Digital Foot Print

Your Digital Footprint -- Your Digital Resume
Videos to watch
MYSPACE: 2 Years in Prison For Logging Onto Myspace

Assignment:  Create a new page on your Google Site to answer these questions.

  • What is a digital footprint?
  • What does your digital footprint look like?
  • Who can add to your digital footprint?
  • How long does a digital footprint last?

  • What does my (Mister V's ) digital footprint look like?  Is my footprint positive or negative?
  • Find out what a friends (or relative) digital footprint looks like. You may need to try more than one friend before you find one. You may even try an older sibling or older sibling's friend 
  • How can you build a positive digital footprint?
  • When does your digital footprint start to grow?
  • when do you need to start to be careful what is in you digital footprint?
  • what can you do to remove your digital footprint? Can a digital footprint be completely removed?