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About Me

  1. Create a Google Document, name it BTT.FirstNmeLastInitial.AboutMe
  2. This document will contain the following:
    • your  name at the top and centered
    • a bullet lists of your:
      • likes 
      • dislikes 
    • numbered list of what you do in your spare time -- hobbies and activities
    • your school involvement
    • Semester 2 time table -- use a table for this.  Your table will look similar to my time table including the four day cycle.
    • a table of your Semester 1 courses, teacher and grades
    • a head and shoulders picture of yourself - this picture will be taken in class with the cameras supplied
      • Google has a limitation on the size of an image you can insert. You will need to adjust the image size of your picture. 
      • We will use fireworks for this:  All Programs - Adobe Web Standard CS 4 -  Adobe Fireworks CS4
      • if you need to rotate your image  Modify - Canvas - Rotate CW or CCW 90 what ever you need.
      • Modify - Canvas - Image size - change the width to 600 
      • use Save as ... to save your image
  3. Create a Google Collection, name it BTT.lastname.FirstName
    • Share this collection with me
    • move your AbouMe document into the collection