Website Design

Creating a web page can be fun, but what exactly makes a good web page?  

Look at web pages that suck to get a good look at some good, bad, and ugly websites and see what makes them so.  When you have explored some of these sites, create your own series of web pages that discusses how to create a good web site and add links to it to help you demonstrate your list

You are encouraged to find your own source of poorly designed websites. Just add a link to your source, and make sure your source is credible. There are some great credible sites on web site designs available, just search for "web page design elements".

These web pages will be part of your site on the iweb server. To help keep you pages and images organized create a folder within you site called webSiteDesign. You may if you wish create more folders within this folder to help organize your work.

Part 1 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Create a series of web pages that will that discusses how to create a well designed web sites.
Create a page or more for each of these
  • the top ten Do's of website design
  • the top ten Do Not's of website design
You may find this following list of web page Design Elements helpful:
  • Backgrounds
  • Text
  • Links
  • graphics (aka images)
  • Tables
  • Blinking and animations
  • junk
  • Navigation
  • general design
  • color
  • fonts
When you create your list, do not give 10 Do Not's concerning background.
For each point in your list, link to a site that demonstrates your point.

Part 2 - Believe Me!

Web sites also need credibility. For example, how credible would you consider this site
Create web page of a list of 5 websites that would not in your view be credible sources of information. For each site state why you do not find these sites credible and link to these sites.

Do you consider the  web pages that suck site a credible site? Why, why not?

Part 3 - Changing the Appearance of your web page

Use the page properties to adjust the look of the page.  Change the background colour or background image, font sizes and many other attributes. 

Part 4 - Logo Design

Use Macromedia Fireworks (or a online logo creator) to create a logo your your web site. This logo will be in the same location on every page of your website. The logo will also serve as a link to your main index.html page.

  • Create a logo folder, in this folder you will keep the copy of your logo that will be used on every webpage
    • always use to this file location when inserting the image on other web pages
  • Create a page that outlines the software you used to create this logo (Fireworks or a logo creation website) 
Logos are often created using simple shapes and limited colour combinations, but at the same time are very unique and recognizable.
  • write a short paragraph stating the thought behind the design of your logo. 

Check List

See the iweb Check List in the Google shared folder.
Make sure you have the parts and requirements complete.