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QR Codes

Common Craft QR Codes Video

Making QR Codes
Find 3 websites that allow you to create QR Codes.
give a short critique for each of these sites -- state which do you like the best and why
How much information can fit on a QR code?

Using QR Codes
Create QR code to link to your website. 
Place this QR code on the main page of your website.

Reading QR Codes
Reading QR Code on the Internet
There are websites that will accept a QR image and decode the content of the QR code.
create a list of 3 or 4 of these sites.
try them with the following QR Code
give a short critique for each of these sites -- state which you like the best and why.
How many access points are there in school?

Reading a QR code using your phone.
Is there more than one app available for your phone?
What is the OS of your phone?
try one of the apps for your phone on the above QR Code

Who uses QR Codes?
Where are QR codes used -- where have you seen QR Codes.

Class Project -- Introducing QR Codes to the School

Consider the following questions:
  • How could QR codes be used the school?
  • How could we as a class introduce QR codes to the school?
  • What information could we give our fellow students via a QR Code?